College profile

College profile

Changde College of Science and Technology is a full-time public general vocational college approved by the Hunan Provincial People's Government and registered by the Ministry of Education, and its business is under the guidance of Hunan Provincial Department of Education。The college is the national civilized campus, the national advanced vocational education unit, Hunan Province Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Award outstanding school, Changde Jian Bozan education outstanding contribution award school。

The college is located in Changde Vocational education University town, east looking at the vast Dongting, south by the Youyouyuan River,Suck the essence of Lanzhi, the legacy of Chengshande。Campus footprint570亩,南北Two parts, one bridge through。The buildings in the garden are the structure of Chinese Siheyuan, red walls and blue tiles.Each building group has its own system due to different functions, and it is integrated with other buildings, containing the cultural connotation of harmony and diversity and inclusiveness。The campus all year round luxuriant green trees, the sky light water color smart harmony, is the students to learn the happy land, the furnace of training skills。 

The college holds the original intention of cultivating people, let's goThe path of "quality school, scientific research strong school, characteristic Xing school", holding the school motto of "casting soul, self-cultivation, fine skills, strong body", passing on the spirit of Chuyi vocational education, keeping the "two training and one training" school positioning, educationModern equipmentManufacturing, modern agricultural service technical skills。

College docking省市产业需求Professional layout, around the numerical control technology, automobile testing and maintenance technology, computer application technology, big data and accounting, tourism management, clothing and clothing design professional construction of professional groups, there are three years, five years college training methods, full-time student scale10000人。The college implements the talent training model of apprenticeship with Chinese characteristics, and cooperates with regional famous enterprises to build Zhonglian Industry学院Jingdong e-commercecollegiateThere are 4 industrial colleges, 90 high-standard professional training rooms, and the total value of teaching facilities and equipment is 1.5亿元。

The college has a team of teachers with reasonable structure and excellent quality under the guidance of famous teachers (masters), and there are 364 teachers, including teachersAssociate senior title teacher92People, "double teacher" professional teachers accounted for 70%There are 7 provincial professional leaders, 2 provincial outstanding teachers, 2 outstanding teachers of Huangyanpei Vocational Education in Hunan Province, and 1 teacher of Jian Bozan Education Outstanding Contribution Award in Changde CityOwn Hunan ProvinceVocational educationThere are 6 high-level teacher teams in Chuyi Action, 1 famous teacher studio in Hunan Province, and famous teaching teacher and skill master studio in Changde City5There are 2 teacher teams of Jian Bozan Education Outstanding Contribution Award in Changde City。The college will take professional construction and teaching staff construction as the starting point, and is committed to "doingLearning has influence, specialty has characteristics, students have专长"Goal, toward the province's first-class higher vocational colleges。