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Building a strong anti-terrorism defense line to build a safe campus -- Our school held anti-terrorism riot drill

Source: Logistics Security Department Author: Luo Ke Feng Release time: 2023-10-18 17:13:47

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In order to further improve our school's ability to deal with emergencies, prevent and deal with all kinds of sudden violent attacks in a timely manner, and protect the life and property safety of teachers and students,10月17日下午3点Our school carried out anti-terrorism anti-riot drill activities。

Before the drill, police officer He of the police station explained the anti-terrorism and anti-riot knowledge for the security personnel of our school and demonstrated the use of various anti-terrorism and anti-riot equipment on the scene。下午The drill starts on time at 3:00两名The "social youth" suddenly stormed the school gate and tried to break into the campus。Our school security personnel responded in time and quickly stopped, ordered the "attacker" to stop illegal behavior, and held steel forks, shields, batons and other instruments, successfully controlled them and took them away from the scene。During the whole exercise, all the personnel responded quickly, cooperated closely and handled properly, and achieved the expected results。

After the exercise, police officer He of the police station made comments on the whole exercise process of our school, and called on teachers and students of our school to always improve their awareness of prevention and protect their own safety。

Emergency begins with the heart, and prevention begins with action。The actual combat exercise not only improved the face of teachers and studentsThe ability to deal with emergencies has also strengthened the linkage mechanism for the police academy"Building a safe campus" laid a solid foundation。

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