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Our school held the 2023 National civilized city and national civilized campus work promotion meeting

Source: Propaganda United Front Work Department Author: He Min Release time: 2023-10-13 10:20:00

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1012午,Held in our school2023 to create a national civilized city and a national civilized campus work promotionWang Chaohui, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of the school, put forward requirements for the creation of a national civilized city and the construction of a national civilized campus, and Xia Chunbo, member of the Party committee and vice president, presided over the meeting, and the heads of various departments attended the meeting。

At the meeting, Dong Guohua, Minister of the Propaganda United Front Work Department, divided tasks and put forward specific work requirements for the creation of a national civilized city and a national civilized campus。

Presiding over the meeting, Xia Chunbo stressed that this year is a key year for Changde City to create a national civilized city, and it is also a year for our school to review the national civilized campus。All departments should complete relevant tasks on time and in accordance with the division of responsibilities and promote the work in an orderly manner。The Creative and Cultural Office should strengthen overall planning and coordination, and grasp the work schedule and time node。At the same time, it is necessary to combine the creation of civilization with the creation of healthy cities, smoke-free campuses and fire rectification, and do a good job in the normal long-term creation。

Wang Chaohui pointed out that the construction of a national civilized city and a national civilized campus is the top priority of the school's work, and the following three points should be achievedFirst, we must unify our thinking.Move quickly and press ahead with the creation with triumphal determination。The second is to clear the task, proactive, all departments grasp the rhythm of work, compare standards, check the gaps, and actively carry out the creation of various work。The third is to create and promote construction, coordinate and linkage, abandon the attitude of inspection in the working methods and methods, and do the work in daily life to ensure that the civilized campus is created to lead the high-quality development of the school。

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