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The lights are on, the noise is quiet, the library is bright

Source: Library (Center for Modern Educational Technology) Author: Liao Jinlin Release time: 2023-10-10 16:51:43

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When night falls and the lights come on, the city suddenly seems to be different from the day and start to become busy。Of the timeChangde Science and Technology Vocational InstituteStudents have also finished a busy day of classes, and the hustle and bustle on campus has calmed down, but they have not stopped the pace of learning。The lights in the library were as bright as day。

Since welcoming the first batch of high-enrollment students this year, the library has re-formulated the library operation schedule in full accordance with the requirements of colleges and universities to ensure that the library is open every weekMore than 90 hours。On the first day after the National Day, the lights in the normally quiet library gradually "lively"。

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