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Exploring Anxiang culture and experiencing water village life -- a side note on the research and practice activities carried out by the Tourism Management Department

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Promote "post course competition card accommodation"体验了解Professional position需求我校Department of tourism management组织Secondary Vocational Department 11 classesMore than 400 teachers and studentsGo to Xiantao village, Anxiang County开展Research practice。

Xiantao Research and Practice Education Camp is located in the beautiful Songzi river of Xiantao Village, Ankang Township, Anxiang County. It is a provincial beautiful rural construction demonstration village, a provincial five-star rural tourism demonstration site, and a national oneOn September 28, it was officially listed as the training base for school-enterprise cooperation of our college。The study activity lasts for 2 days and has a variety of activities。

One of the activities, bed making。Teachers and studentsAfter arriving at the camp, under the leadership of the class teachers, students receive bedding according to the class, and tidy up the housekeeping according to the assigned room。The wine management students put their knowledge into practice, skillfully making beds and instructing other students to quickly make bedding。

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Activity number two,Start a tug of warTug-of-war is not only a contest of strength and skill, but also a demonstration of cohesive willpower。A rope tightly linked a group of people together, the whistle sounded, everyone into the realm of selflessness。Next to the cheerleaders without any color, while Shouting in unison while dancing fists and stomping feet, cheering for the players on the field。This competition adopts the draw mixed group competition system, after two rounds of competition,Group B wine management class 2301, wine management class 2201, cooking class 2101 won the championship, giving full play to the groupThe spirit pulls out the cohesion。

Activity number three,A fishing contest in troubled waters。In a village fish pondFishing competitionMore popular with studentsSelect each classThe contestants enter the designated area,Time began, the students quickly began to touch the fish in the pondFishing in muddy water is not just a test for studentsSolidarity and cooperation意识Also need to talk about methods than skill, otherwise the fish will slip away。One after another laughter echoed through the pool, as a fish was touched up, the fish pond from time to time around the warm cheers。Thirty minutes passed quicklyThe contestants are reluctant to part from the fish pond,最终烹饪Class 2101 has 14 fishResults Won the first prize in the troubled waters fishing competition。

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Activity four, country party。At night the camp lawn was brightly litThe country party planned by the teachers and students of the department officially began, singing and dancing on the stageoff-stagestudentsGlow stickThe performances are colorful,呐喊applauseWave after waveThe teacher representative Guo Shuai played and sang on the spot2 songs, brought the party atmosphere into the climax。

Activity five, walking。Early the next morning, with the cheerful chirping of birds,Line upFollow the village road步行。同学一边Enjoy the countrysideWhile taking photos, editing copywriting and making promotional pictures and videos, this is a necessary skill for tourism management professional scenic spot marketing, and it is also an extracurricular homework assigned by professional teachers to students

Activity number six: Visit北有安乡County history Exhibition HallThrough physical objects and precious photographsUnderstand and feelAnxiang unique lake township culture, embankment and dike culture and typical immigrant culture, heavy dock culture

Activity number seven,仙桃Farming culture parkGarden opening ceremony师生They dispatch150Representative participation仪式Had the honor to witness our school and Anxiang CountyCity management investment Co., Ltd. officially签约Become a partner。双方We will carry out all-round cooperation in education and teaching, integration of industry, university and research, and operation of scenic spots, and strive to train practical talents for schools and inject new vitality into the high-quality development of the local economy。

School leaderYu ShuxianCao Li, deputy director of the Student office, Luo Zhirong, deputy director of the recruitment officeParticipated in this activity and had an exchange discussion with the representatives of the enterprise。

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