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The benevolent Leshan, the wise happy water - the school trade union organized the Double Ninth Festival activities

Source: Trade Union Author: Feng Zhanhui Release time: 2023-10-25 16:21:36

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On October 23, 2023, the 99th Double Ninth Festival comes as scheduled。The school trade union organized 59 retired teachers and staff to visit the beautiful scenery of Liuye Lake by car and enjoy the scenery together;Go to the white Heshan Kirin orchard to pick dragon fruit, figs, deep experience under the east fence of chrysanthemum, leisurely see the feelings of Nanshan, the whole activity is well arranged, the teachers came with enthusiasm, full of success。

As the first Chongyang Festival after Changde Science and Technology Vocational and Technical College was listed,The school party committee and administration attach great importance to it,President Wang Chaohui also rushed to the event from the college to sympathize with the retired teachers and express his best wishes,Zhang Guangming, chairman of the trade union, planned, organized and accompanied the whole process,I sincerely hope retired teachers take good care of themselves,Old age has its pleasures,Old and accomplished,Concerned about school construction and development。

The retired teachers expressed their gratitude to the school for organizing such activities to respect the elderly, and wished the school a bright future!

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