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Clean for the teacher when the teacher clean from the teaching cast the soul of the teacher - Changde Science and Technology vocational Institute to carry out "educating people and advocating integrity" story collection activities

Source: Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office Author: Liu Qi Release time: 2023-10-25 16:09:37

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In order to further implement the CPC Central Committee's "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of a Clean Culture in the New Era", according to the "on the development of Changde City"Do not forget the original heart · Convey the sound of integrity" Notice of the First lesson of Integrity activities, the school organized a collection of short stories of "Educating people and advocating integrity"。

Once the activity was launched, it got a positive response from all departments of the school。The faculty and staff of the whole school actively participated in sharing their own stories of honesty in education and teaching work。

Recommended by the school organization expert to the departmentThe 21 works were evaluated and scored, and a total of 6 excellent works were selected for the first, second and third prizes。On the afternoon of October 23, the Discipline inspection and Supervision Office commended the award-winning teachers and issued a certificate of honor。

After the award, teacher Liao Jinfang, the first prize winner, said that the collection of clean stories made more people pay attention to the clean quality of teachers and let teachers understand"Moving forward along the 'road of integrity', drawing striving force from the 'wind all the way', being a breeze teacher and cultivating clean students" is a profound truth。

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