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Implement teaching routine management to build high quality classroom

Source: Department of Public Courses (Marxist Institute) Author: Zhang Daowang Post time: 2023-10-25 10:10:08

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Focus on teaching and research to explore, rooted teaching to promote promotion”。切实Education teaching quality, putTeaching routineThe activities should be practical and closely integrated with the daily teaching workCreate high quality classrooms9月份以来,Department of Public StudiesContinuous development"Teaching standards promotion activities" to comprehensively promote the quality of education and teachingnormalize

Department of Public Studies fromThe teaching work of this semester is carried out in four aspects: "implementing the reform of teaching mode, standardizing teaching and research activities, strictly managing teaching routine and paying close attention to classroom management"。First of all, the public curriculum department organized a new semester teaching training meeting, asking teachersFollow the school documents exactly"The first lesson of the term", before class not only to prepare the class, but also familiar with the application of various teaching equipment operation, check the class, the number of students and other relevant information, bring the relevant teaching materials into the classroom on time, it is forbidden to be late;Along with强调The process of asking for leave, mediation class and other related matters。

Secondly, the public curriculum Department jointly supervised the Office to organize a series of classroom teaching and research activities such as opening lectures, class evaluation, and regular educational information inspection in the new semester, and emphasizedHigher vocational education sectionCombine allCollege students' professional characteristics, carefully analyze the learning situation, tailor-made for students to create distinctive characteristics, adapt to students' professional characteristics of higher vocational classes;Combined with the characteristics of the course, through classroom teaching to help students"Behavior cultivation, moral character shaping", for社会Cultivate a sense of family and countryHigh quality technical and skilled personnel

Higher vocational public basic course serves as the important task of cultivating students' cultural quality, scientific quality and comprehensive ability. This activity has pointed out the direction for the teaching work in the new semester. All teachers will work together, make the classroom more agile and efficient, and realize the high-quality development of higher vocational college education and teaching level。

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