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Job cognitive skills "endless growth" to help growth -- the Department of Tourism Management to carry out vocational freshmen "professional education week" activities

Source: Department of Tourism Management Author: Gao Yidao Release time: 2023-10-19 15:05:03

In order to let students have a certain understanding of professional positions and clear the future career direction, the Department of Tourism Management, according to the education and teaching plan, will be the first week after the National Day holiday as the department of higher vocational freshmenProfessional Education WeekThis week, not only invited industry leaders into the school to give lectures, but also let students go out to have a preliminary understanding of professional positions。140Tourism management major学生科任Under the leadership of the teacher,They went to Changde Planning Museum, Changde Culture Museum, Changde Poetry Wall and Changde Museum to carry out professional cognitive practice activities。

Changde Planning Museum, docents forclassmatesPatiently explain the corresponding gestures and gestures, and warmly invite students to demonstrateAs an important position for publicity and education, the planning Museum shows the vicissitudes of urban construction and the results and overall trend of urban development in an all-round and multi-angle manner。The students not only learned about the development history of Changde, but also learned to explain skills and appearance to the docents from a professional perspective。

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Changde Cultural Center, studentsVisited calligraphy, fine art works and Changde intangible Heritage Exhibition Hall,classmatesAs if inExplore a palace full of treasuresThere are so many excellent traditional skills and colorful local customs in Changde that inspire students' confidence in learning skills diligently

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In the Changde poetry wall, the students have listened"Reading Poetry Wall Culture, carrying forward the spirit of The Times"Shiwall culture lecture class, visited the classic route of Shiwall。One poem after another, one story after another is like a vivid teaching material, vividly showing the spirit of Changde people's innovation and development, and hard work to build a poem wall。

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Changde Museum,The students pass through one piece of cultural relics了解Changde area's historical evolution, natural environment, cultural inheritance and many other aspects。Changde is a heroic city full of patriotism, romanticism, collectivism and idealism with a strong cultural heritage.classmates博物The pavilion witnessed ChangdeSplendid and long history and culture

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此次Professional education weekThe event is of great significance,The students not only learned about Changde's culture and characteristics,Also exposed to real professional job scenariosWith close communication with the staff of scenic spots and venues, I can learn a lot of knowledge that I can't learn from books。Many students have a deeper understanding and cognition of tourism management through this week's activitiesLuo Zhaowu said:"As a foreign student who came to Changde not long ago, in a week to so many Changde must punch the place is really a blessing, but also to learn the professional explanation of these places excellent docent, benefited a lot.。”

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