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Hold China's rice bowl and praise the big country's grain policy

Source: Department of Tourism Management By: Reggie Release time: 2023-10-19 14:40:46

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When granaries are abundant, the world is secure。10月16日Is the world's foodThis week is China's Food Security Publicity WeekDepartment of Tourism Management held in Week 7"Hold China's rice bowl, praise China's food policy"As the theme of the flag-raising ceremony, the students carried out a love food, food saving education。

At the flag-raising ceremony, the students dressed neatly and watched the video of Yuan Longping's "Cool Dream under the harvest" with reverence, allowing the students to review Yuan Longping's contribution to world food production in the harvest season, and also understand that food security is related to the national economy and people's livelihood。Although China's grain output has been continuously increased at a high level, grain loss and waste are serious。To achieve the goal of keeping the Chinese people's rice bowl firmly in their own hands, we must pay equal attention to open source and reduce expenditure, and increase production and reduce loss。After the flag-raising ceremony, the students said that they should start from now on and start from me。And spontaneous practice of the CD action, their own lunch, dinner CD photos in the class group punch, creating a good atmosphere of food saving。

For a long time, the Department of Tourism Management has been using the flag-raising ceremony to conduct moral education for students at special nodes, integrating ideological and political content through watching short videos, speaking under the national flag and other links to infiltrate students' minds and achieve the effect of moistening things silently。

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