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Plan finance Department "two leading five rectification" rectification of wind anti-corrosion special action collective warning talk

Source: Program Finance Office Author: Wu Fei Release time: 2023-09-28 16:37:00

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According to the spirit of the relevant documents of the discipline inspection department at the higher level, combined with the actual situation of the school, the finance Department plans toThe special action of "two leading five rectification" to rectify the wind and anti-corrosion in-depth carried out the heart-to-heart talk and collective warning talk。The meeting was presided over by Zhang Lei, Director of the Planning and Finance Department, and attended by all the staff of the department。

At the meeting, Zhang Lei stressed that we must always maintain political seriousness, recognize politically that this is an extremely serious political task, and do it"Understand people";Always maintain strict responsibility, implement the content of special actions with a high sense of responsibility and mission of party members, and do "clear things"。At the same time, as a financial personnel, we should always maintain a rigorous work, know awe, fear, keep the bottom line, and fully build a clean ideological defense line;It is necessary to always maintain the strictness of the inspection and correction, and overcome the numbness, paralysis, slack and fluke mentality;We should always maintain strict self-discipline, be cautious alone, careful and careful friends。A strict to the end, the general tone of "strict" throughout。

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