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【九游会国际登录】 Following the Teaching Institute (Ampere Center) wooden desks and chairs procurement selection results announcement

Source: College of Continuing Education Author: Changde Polytechnic of Science and Technology Published time: 2023-09-25 18:36:46

Project name: Purchase of wooden desks and chairs for the next Teaching Institute (Ampere Center)

比选时间2023年09221530分(Beijing Time)

Announcement content:

Following the School of Teaching (Ampere Center) wooden desks and chairs procurement project in2023年09221530(Beijing time) YesInstitute of continuing education104室举行Selection meetingReview panelBy comparison公告definite评审Methods, all valid tenders were reviewed in detail, and the review team was fully reviewed and recommendedClosing candidate为:

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采购Changde safety production education and training center

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