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【九游会国际登录】 Announcement of procurement competition for wooden desks and chairs of the Following Teaching Institute (Ampere Center)

Source: College of Continuing Education Author: Changde Polytechnic of Science and Technology Release time: 2023-09-19 17:17:32

Following the School of Teaching (Ampere Center) wooden desks and chairs procurement projectOpen selectionPlease qualify suppliersParticipate in this project。

1. 项目概况

1.1  Project name: Purchase of wooden desks and chairs for the next Teaching Institute (Ampere Center)

1.2  项目Comparison contentSee list, registration and listSeptember 20, 20239:00-12:00;Bring a copy of the business license with the official seal and legal identity certificate or power of attorney to Changde City, Kangqiao Shangdu No. 3 Building 1 Unit 11 floor 1 to get contact phone 0736-7888266 overdue。

1.3  Budgeted amount260000.00

2. supplierQualification Requirements:

2.1  Supplier basic qualifications:

(1) Having the ability to independently bear civil liability;

(2) Having a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system

(3) Having the equipment and professional technical capability necessary for the performance of the contract;

(4) Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds according to law;

(五)Within three years, there is no major illegal record in business activities;

(6) other conditions prescribed by laws and administrative regulations;

2.2  Specific eligibility requirements:/

2.3  本次contestrejectcombination参与

3. Compare the response fileSubmission and related matters

3.1 The supplier shall submit qualification certification materials and instructions:

(1) A copy of the business license of the three certificates in one (with the official seal of the supplier);

(2) The plenipotentiary representative shall be the legal representative,A copy of the ID card of the legal representative should be provided (with the official seal of the supplier);If the plenipotentiary is not the legal representative,The original letter of authorization of the legal person and a copy of the ID card of the legal representative shall be provided,And provide a copy of the authorized representative's ID card (with the official seal of the supplier),On the day of the selection meeting, you should hold another copy and bring the original ID card to participate in the selection meeting);

(3) Provided by an accounting firmA copy of the complete financial audit report for 2022 or the company's financial system or credit certificate (stamped with the official seal of the supplier);

(4) Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds according to law; (According to the spirit of the Ministry of Finance document "Notice on Promoting Fair Competition and Optimizing the Business Environment in Government Procurement" (Treasury [2019] No. 38), suppliers can provide both proof of payment and letter of commitment instead);

(5) Credit China Website ( has not been included in the list of persons executed for breach of trust and parties to major tax violations and the Chinese Government Procurement website ( The list of records of serious illegal and dishonest acts of government procurement that are not included in the validity period (stamped with the official seal of the supplier);

(vi) Provide the equipment and professional and technical ability certification materials necessary for the performance of the contract: similar project transaction notice or completion ability commitment letter or professional certificates associated with the project or equipment pictures associated with the project implementation (stamped with the official seal of the supplier);

(7) Quotation form (in its own format, which shall include itemized quotation and be stamped with the official seal of the supplier);

(8) Specifically state that items (1) to (6) above are qualification certification materials, any non-conformity or absence of items will lead to invalid bidding, and provide supporting materials in this order, the above materials in triplicate, one original, two copies, the copies can be copies of the original, must be sealed。

3.2 Select dataSubmission deadline (比选时间2023092215时30(Beijing Time)

3.3  比选地点: School of Continuing Education104室Overdue delivery, failure to deliver to the designated place or failure to seal as required,采购They will be rejected。


4. Contact information:

采购Changde safety production education and training center

Contact: Xiao Minghui  电话:15007367972

地址:Gaosi Road, Wuling District602号