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【九游会国际登录】 Notice on the launch of the "Push Week" activity

Source: Department of Public Courses (Marxist Institute) Author: Zhang Daowang Release time: 2023-09-13 17:00:19

Each department:

The annual Push Week is coming,为贯彻落实习近平总书记关于推广普及国家通用语言文字、Carry forward the fine Chinese language and culture的重要指示批示精神和全国语言文字会议精神,We will strengthen common spoken and written language education in schools,Improve the civilized quality of teachers and students,schoolwide"Speak Mandarin, write standard characters, do civilized people" good atmosphere。The programme of activities is as follows:

1. Guiding ideology

This year is the firstThe 26th Promotion Week with the theme of "Promoting Mandarin, Forging a New Journey"。Based on the new development stage,Implement a new vision for development,Foster a new pattern of development,We will promote high-quality development of education and languages,The main line is to carry out the fundamental task of establishing morality and cultivating people and to cast a strong sense of community of the Chinese nation,We will intensify efforts to promote standard spoken and written Chinese,Carry forward the fine Chinese language and culture,Create a strong atmosphere for learning and using the standard Chinese language,We will promote high-quality development of spoken and written languages in the new era。

Ii. Activity theme:Promote Mandarin and forge a new journey

3. Activity time9月11--17日

4. Scope of activitiesSchool six departments one

V. Activities:

1.With the help of the school's public account to promote the week activity plan, so that everyone inside and outside the campus know。

2.Hang eye-catching propaganda slogans on campus, create a good language environment, create a strong campus cultural atmosphere, further render the atmosphere of push and expand the impact of push and push publicity。

3.Use the campus radio to issue the "Push Week" activity initiative to the whole school, introduce the significance of promoting Mandarin and using standard characters, clarify the time and theme of this push week, and effectively implement the push week activities。

4.Through the electronic display, TV display rolling mode to increase the promotion of the push week。

5.Through the class to carry out the "promotion of Mandarin, forge a new journey" classic poetry recitation activities in the morning。Students read Chinese classics in Mandarin to pass on traditional Chinese culture。

6.Through the class to carry out the "bird by wood" correction activities, actively mobilize students to participate in activities, teachers lead students to speak Mandarin, write standard characters。

7.Carry out a class meeting with the theme of "Promoting Mandarin and Forging a New Journey" through the class。

Six, light theme words:

1. Mandarin is with quality, with image companions, and with civilization。

2, the promotion of Mandarin, the four seas for one。

3, learn Mandarin well, benefit the country and the people。

4. Learn Mandarin well and make friends all over the world。

5, I am proud, I am Chinese;I'm proud. I speak Mandarin。

6. Establish a sense of language norms;Improve the cultural quality of the Chinese nation。

7. Standardize the words used in social terms and create a national civilized city。

8. Everyone learns to speak Mandarin and strives to be a civilized person。

9, the popularization of Mandarin, national unity and prosperity of China。

10, people learn to speak Mandarin, civilization progress toward a well-off society。

Each department can combine professional characteristics and department activities to create their own theme words, requiring positive content to promote the construction of campus civilization。


Department of Public Courses (School of Marxism)

September 12, 2023